Jeffrey Agrell is a horn player with an itch to write. Writing is like going to the gym and working out – you get somewhere if you go regularly: 12 gold stars for showing up, only 1 silver star for whatever quantity is turned out. As Jack London said, you can’t wait for inspiration – you’ve got to go after it with a club. This blog is the club, and welcome to it.

Bio boilerplate:

Originally from Minnesota. Education: St. Olaf College. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Long visit to Switzerland – playing in the Lucerne Symphony/Opera Orchestra. 11th year as horn professor at the University of Iowa. Loves his job. Plays in the Iowa Brass Quintet, Cerberus, and Latitude Ensemble. Moonlights in classical improvisation – has a class in it, has a couple of published books [GIA Music] on it, gives concerts and workshops in it. 3 CDs. Composes stuff (couple dozen published pieces). A couple of books cooking on various burners, front and back. Former classical and jazz guitarist. Still owns six or seven guitars, could probably still get through a standard with a Real Book at a party. Like to write (100+ published articles, unpublished novel, musical libretto, song lyrics, and now this blog). Interested in everything. Likes to force associations of unrelated fields and examine the aftermath.  Fan of creativity, creative thinking, cryptograms, crosswords, and ideas.