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Horn (instrument)

It’s no secret that the mother of all horn blogs is Horn Matters by John Ericson and Bruce Hembd. It’s really a spectacular achievement that should be a regular destination of any serious horn player. But you should not live by horn alone any more than you should eat steak and potatoes every meal. Variety is a good thing to help give you a rich educational compost rather than a monoculture. There are a lot of other arts blogs worth visiting to this end. The central gathering point for a slew of such blogs is

Arts Journal Blog Central, which lists dozens of blogs under its wing in the following topics: architecture, culture, dance, ideas, issues, jazz, media, music, people, publishing, theatre, and visual arts. A number of them are listed in my blogroll, but you should check them all out and see which are your favorites. The best thing to do would be to sign up for their daily newsletter than lists latest postings. You can quickly scan the new offerings and read whatever interests you. There are too many to list but just to give you a sampling, the blogs include:

Artful Manager – Andrew Taylor on the business of arts and culture

Dewey21C – Richard Kessler on arts education

Engaging Matters – Doug Borwick on vibrant arts and communities

Jumper – Diana Ragsdale on what the arts do and why

lies like truth – Chloe Veltman on how culture will save the world

Life’s a Pitch – marketing the arts

Creative Destruction – ideas on building arts communities

Orchestras Everywhere – music for social innovation

Sandow [my personal favorite] – Greg Sandow on the future of Classical Music


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