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I don’t have a single answer for this next question; I do have a bunch of possible answers and even more follow-up questions. Read the question. Think about it. Then send in your comment and we’ll compare thoughts on the subject.

What is the best thing to play in those situations where you have only a very short time to warm-up, e.g. before you go on stage for a performance (recital, band, orchestra, chamber music) or for an audition, etc.? You only have, oh, 15 seconds. Or 30 seconds. A minute, max.

Ideas that you might address in your answer(s):

What do you usually play in those circumstances?

What is the optimum thing to play?

Are they the same thing for you?

Do you play different things at different times (like these)?

Why do you play what you play?

What would the ideal mini-warm-up include?

I’ll tell you my answers in a couple days. Let’s hear what some of you do first. This is not a right/wrong kind of thing. There may be many right answers. I think it’s interesting to think about it and examine the reasons why we do what we do. And then trade answers. We might just learn something new and really useful.

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