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Review the most problematic keys/scales/arpeggios from the past week today. The ambitious player will take more time and review the least familiar keys from both weeks. Advanced players may review all keys (perhaps spending a bit more time on the less familiar (we’re not going to say “difficult”).

Ideally, every scale is (almost) equal in facility. 




Spend the most time on the least familiar material. This is to make up for the flaw in this one-key-per-day method: it’s all very neat and organized, but our knowledge of keys is not the same for every key. So spend some time now to help F# and Ab etc. catch up to C.

Make sure you treat yourself and jam on the least familiar material as well. The best-kept secret in horn technique is that the best way to acquire technique is to jam on any particular technique, getting to know it in as many ways as you can, forwards, backwards, upside down, jumbled, and so on. It’s also a lot of fun!