Gift giving time may be over for now, but it’s never to early to stock up for next time or special occasions. Let’s start the New Year with a list of “treats” for horn players, i.e. new, interesting, or otherwise off-the-beaten-brass-path items that could serve as presents, stocking stuffers, or ‘just because’ surprises.

French Horn Custom Snap Stamp ($39). Decorate your holiday envelopes, stationery, gift tags and greeting cards with this custom horn stamp.

•Free dissertation (download pdf file online): Perspectives on Auditioning: An Examination of Professional Horn Players on Auditioning by Manfredi Guglielmo, 197 p. Hot off the presses: December 2011. You’ll have to print it out if you want to stuff a stocking…

French Horn Card (blank) $3.55 per card

Happy Easter with French Horn [Peter Rabbit playing a horn, sort of] $2.95 per card

French Horn Tree Ornament

Horn Poster $24

Horn Tie $34

Genghis Barbie Colored Bell Flares 590 Euros 

I [heart] Kopprasch button $3.95

Horn Deco T-Shirt $26

Hunting Horn Lamps ($?)

Russian Hand Carved Birch Bark Horn $42

Horn Player Metal Figurine $18

Mouse Playing Horn Greeting Card $2.40

French Horn Tattoo (parental permission and sobriety test required)

Contemporary Metal Wall Art Horn ₤20 (11.5″ high)

Post Horn in Ab $250  •Coach Horn Sheet Music (free – downloadable pdf file)

Double Coil Hunting Horn $62 (6″ bell, key of D)