What are holidays for but to do stuff that you couldn’t get to during the semester?

Horn Insights has cast a fairly wide net (check out the Category Cloud) because I am interested in all kinds of things, starting with horn, but expanding outward into all things music, education, creativity, and so on.

One larger chunk of thought and activity for me in music is what might be called my hobby, but let’s be charitable and call it my research interest (one of them, anyway) – for want of a handier name, that rara avis, that oxymoron, contemporary classical improvisation. I’ve sprinkled occasional posts here on that subject, but the time has come (vacation time) to give this subject its own space, although I won’t rule out including future posts on it here when they have more directly to do with horn playing. I may also either copy or transfer some improv posts here to the new improv blog.

Improvisation, c.1915-1916

The blog is: Improv Insights (http://improvinsights.com).

I am taking on a partner: Evan Mazunik, my long-time collaborator (2 CDs, many concerts and workshops). Evan is a superb improvising pianist who has lived in NYC for about the past 5 years, and he also happens to be one of the top Soundpainting conductors in the world, with his own ensemble, Zaha.

We are just getting started, just starting to generate content, but have a look, or better, have a regular look.

We also want to make this new blog more than just a blog; we want to make it a gathering place for those interested in the subject, and, to that end, we will be seeking contributions from various experts on the subject.

We also LOVE questions. If any of this intrigues you but you haven’t had much experience in it yet and would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to send us a question. If you have a topic that you would like to see developed more, let us know.

One feature that we hope will draw your regular attention is our Game of the Day. We will post (probably not every day, but fairly often) an improv game that you can use in your own playing, probably immediately.

A good bit of the focus of this blog will also be on pedagogy. Improvisation is tremendously useful in all kinds of teaching, so we want to discuss and feature this prominently.

New things in the New Year. All the best to you!