One more blog entry on the subject may be like puffing one’s cheeks out and trying to blow Hurricane Irene in a less destructive direction, but I’m gonna puff anyway. If enough of us puff all together, the great destructive forces out there might change course, however slightly. All the education and arts slashers, all the welfare for the rich pushers, all the All Children Left Behind woe wishers should take a minute off from slashing and read this recent article from the New York Times (click on the link):

Free Music School’s Cost: A Week on the Sidewalk

Some Chicago area low-income parents, concerned about the dearth of music in the public schools, waited for days in line for the chance to register their children for this free music school. The first one in line lived on the sidewalk for one week before registration opened. They were willing to go to great lengths so that their children would have music in their lives.

(puff puff) Arts are important in children’s lives. (puffffff). In everyone’s lives. (ppufff pufff). Art matters. (PUFF). The Arts matter. (ppppppuuuuuuffffffffff)