I’ve had a bit of a gap between posts due a very interesting  but intense April schedule, including – in the space of about ten days, a trip to the Cincinnati Conservatory (giving some workshops at the behest of the ever-gracious and amazing Randy Gardner) and Iowa Brass Quintet concerts and workshops in Okoboji, IA, Sioux Falls, SD, Wayne State NE, and Madison, WI. Jolly good fun and lots of frequent driver miles, but greatly diminished times to do much else, greatly increased work for my wife (who, besides working all day is in the final stages of music directing an opera as well as taking care of our daughter, who is slowly recovering from a lingering virus), with make-up lessons galore coming up, plus recital hearings, eight grad recitals to attend, finish reading comps and turn them in, horn studio recital. Typical end of semester: never a dull moment, but I promise to resume posts as soon as I can. The long stretches in the van were good for rumination, and I did get some ideas that can percolate and turn into posts anon.