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TED.com has a multitude of inspiring videos. Every year TED sponsors a meeting of the minds, a fantastic gathering of brilliant minds from everywhere (it costs something like $4000 to attend, which is going to keep riffraff like me out, but I/we can still watch the videos of their talks on TED for free). Richard St. John is a marketing expert and “success analyst” who spent more than a decade interviewing successful people of all types. He put it all in a couple of  books: Spike’s Guide to Success: Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and Rich and 8 to Be Great: The 8 Traits that Lead to Great Success (I just ordered copies of both; can’t wait to read them). He distilled his secrets into a 2 hour talk (for students), and then further crystallized the secrets in to a 3 minute TED video. Here it is (Youtube version):