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The University of Iowa School of Music is getting a new school – the flood last year put an end to the old one. We’re comfortably ensconced in excellent “temporary” facilities (better than the old school, I have to say) and await the building of a brand-new state-of-the-art school of music. It’s in the planning stages right now, and since I am 1) on the Technology Committee and 2) don’t know much about technology, I would like to ask readers of this blog to post 1) their technology hopes and dreams of what they would like to see in techn0logy in the ideal music school and 2) relay any hints they might have about what not to do or to avoid. I’ve had a few informative collections of suggestions (notably from UI alum Michael Ozment), but there’s always room for more. (forgive also the double posting of this notice on the Horn List as well).

What are your tech dreams? Let me know, and who knows, they just might show up in the newest school of music in the country…