I’ve just added a new feature to the UI Horn web site (home of the most comprehensive set of annotated links on the web): Top Links, a semi-random cross-section of interesting links extracted from the site. Here is a selection from that selection:

IMSLP stands for the International Music Score Library Project. The idea is to be an online repository for musical score that are in the public domain and may be freely downloaded by anyone. For a list of the free public domain compositions for horn available (Mozart, Kopprasch, Dauprat, Beethoven, Schubert; many categories, including horn and piano, horn concertos, etudes, horn alone, duets, trios, quartets, 5 and more, chamber music with and without piano), click here.

The Horn in Opera – a new CD by Richard Chenoweth, an outstanding and much-needed recording of the most significant horn excerpts in the opera literature.

Guide to the Brass Quintet – “A collection of Excerpts, Recording, and Other Resources for Horn Players in Brass Quintets” by James Boldin. A new site with printable excerpts, audio examples, bibliography, lists of ensembles, and more.

Pandora – Radio from the Music Genome Project
Very slick – you can build your own “internet radio station” that plays (through the computer) any kind of music you like, any era, style, artist, song – it will build a never-ending queue of tunes to be played. You can build many “stations” of different styles, and you can have a station that is a mix of any or all your stations.

Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music – book

www.hornhistory.com, by Kayla Nelson. Includes comprehensive timelines of instrumental development, repertoire, pedagogy, and performers.

Practiceopedia: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Mastering Music’s Greatest Challenge, by Philip Johnston


Gig After Gas Online Calculator – Enables musicians to calculate travel expenses and compare with pay.

TED – Ideas worth spreading – “Riveting talks by remarkable people” [on streaming video]

The Wagner Tuba: A History by William Melton, 198 p. 2008 Edition Ebenos. See the detailed review of this book by David Guion.

Orchestra Fines [humor]

Replacing a broken rotary valve string (silent video) – one of many C&M videos by the Band Instrument Repair Program at the State College in Red Wing, MN